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Benefits of Marriage

Running a wedding anniversary site we often discuss things that are related to anniversary, this week we got into a discussion about what are the tangible benefits of marriage? By these we mean beyond the social, religious and relationship ones.

We came to the conclusion that there are certainly less benefits that there used to be, one of the most lucrative you used to be able to get was a tax allowance if you was married which has since be removed. (Although still exists if one partner was born before 6th April 1935)

So far we have the following:

Many Legal ones:

  • Inheritance; your estate automatically goes to the surviving spouse should the worst happen.
  • Cheaper Insurance; Spouse policies are often cheaper than named drivers.
  • Loans are easier to get as there is a natural (legal) relationship between spouses.
  • Should serious medical conditions befall one of you the other spouse can easily direct the doctors on what your wishes are.
  • Any children born in wedlock automatically assume the family name.
  • Children inherit estates easier when their parents were married after they have both passed.
  • Pensions are easier to share.


  • Again Inheritance your estate can avoid capital gains tax when the spouse inherits your estate.
  • Capital gains tax; Transfers of chargeable assets between spouses do not give rise to a charge to capital gains tax. Because chargeable gains are taxed as the top-slice of income, transfers between spouses can provide tax-planning opportunities where one spouse has a lower liability to income tax.

Other Benefits

  • Wearing a wedding ring can help you to stop getting hit upon when out.
  • Health Insurance is often extended to partners automatically.
  • Work Benefits are automatically extended to the spouse (e.g. Staff discounts, Free Travel etc)

There are probably lots more, if you can think of any more tangible benefits we would love to hear them.