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1st Anniversary Gifts

Paper gifts are the traditional theme for 1st anniversary gifts and our best sellers show that the theme is a popular choice.

We offer a range of paper based gifts and below we’ve listed some of our favourites.

Wedding Anniversary Newspaper Gift Set

Wedding Anniversary Newspaper SetA unique gift idea for the anniversary couple, contains three original newspapers from the wedding day and both of the couple’s birth dates.

Presented in a beautiful hand-finished padded leatherette presentation case. The folder preserves and protects the authentic newspapers for generations to come. The cover is gold embossed, with the words ‘A Day To Remember’ a great gift idea and comes with an authentication certificate which you can also add your own personal message to. More details

Personalised Champagne and Newspaper Gift Set

Continuing the theme of original newpapers if you’re looking for a gift to give your spousePersonalised Champagne and Newspaper Gift Set then this alternative to the above has regularily mentioned as being well recieved.

A bottle of Champagne personalised with a message of your choice to the recipient and an original newspaper from the date you require.

The newspaper’s are complete originals and were printed for that day originally. The newspaper comes with a certificate of authenticity.
The Champagne is personalised with a unique anniversary label message of your choice and is ideal as a gift for a wedding anniversary.
The Newspaper and Champagne are supplied in a satin lined presentation gift box.  More Info
There are wide variations in what National Newspapers are available on any given day in the past, given the 1st Anniversary is only a year previous we would normally supply The Times although we can offer  also Daily Mirror, Daily Mail, The Telegraph etc. pretty much any national UK newspaper (also Scottish Dailies) If you would like an alternative to the Times then please let us know with a note at checkout and we’ll endeavour to supply the edition requested.Please note, should any of the days you require be a Sunday there is a £20 surcharge due to their additional costs and scarcity, also some special days where major world events cause scarcity of the original papers there is a surcharge required if indeed they are available.
Should either of these occur we will contact you to arrange payment or cancel the order. Alternatively you could order a Daily Mirror Anniversary Book which is a failthful reproduction of the 3 days newspapers you select in a book form.

 Personalised Couple Caricature

Church door personalised wedding caricatureAnother popular alternative to originally newspapers yet retaiing a unique theme is a personalised caricature, we offer a numther of alternatives some with a set background and the couples faces through to a complete bespoke caricature where the background and clothing can be defined how you want, all for under £100 which I think you’ll agree is excellent valuse for money!

We’ve a wide range with pre-selected backgrounds that cover traditional weddings in churches, temples and mosques plus fun ones like James Bond or Party themes. Check our complete range here

If you the full bespoke caricature then please fill in your requirements here

We’ve many gifts available for the 1st anniversary, check out our full range of gifts.We also maintain a list of our top sellers on Pinterest here: Top 5 1st Anniversary Gifts


Planning your 1st Anniversary

We thought we would start our blogs with nothing to do with Anniversaries and talk about the wedding!!

Why I hear you ask; well as if you’ve not got enough on your plate at the wedding there are some great things you can do during the run up to the wedding day and immediately after to help make the 1st (and future) anniversaries more memorable.

Remembering simple things and jotting them down either on paper, in a blog or in your wedding planner will really help, believe me after a year of what will be an extremely busy one likely to be full of change and acclimatisation to becoming one half of a ‘couple’ there will be some details that you wished you had remembered.

We’ve put a basic list below of some of the things people forget as an aide memoire; use it as a list to store the details against. Is there something you wish you could remember from the actual wedding day let us know and we’ll add it to the list as a useful reminder for other couples.

  • First Song Danced to as a married couple.
  • Last song Danced to at the Wedding Celebration
  • The Menu for the Wedding Breakfast meal.
  • The Band or DJs Name
  • The Official’s name (or their formal title)
  • All your Guests

Is there something you wish you could remember from the actual wedding day? Let us know and we’ll add it to the list as a useful reminder for other couples. Writing this 24 years on from the original wedding I can say the item I struggle with the most is the actual guest list.