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Security update – Heartbleed exploit

We have checked and we are unaffected by this exploit.

Anniversaryideas is aware of the vulnerability, dubbed “Heartbleed”, which is a security concern for users of OpenSSL, a widely-used opensource cryptographic software library. It can allow attackers to read the memory of the systems using vulnerable versions of OpenSSL library (1.0.1 through 1.0.1f). This may disclose the secret keys of vulnerable servers, which allows attackers to decrypt and eavesdrop on SSL encrypted communications and impersonate service providers. In addition, other data in memory may be disclosed, which conceivably could include usernames and passwords of users or other data stored in server memory.

To be clear, this is a vulnerability of the OpenSSL library, and not a flaw with SSL/TLS nor certificates used by

Thanking People for Gifts

There is a certain etiquette that has been established over time for thanking people who have given you a gift for your Anniversary or indeed any celebration.

The degree you go to will also vary depending upon your family and friends and if there are any developed conventions within your group.

Generally you should thank people if they have given you a gift, it is considered good manners to do so, who you thank them will again depend upon your social circle and the expectations they place upon you.

Below we’ve listed the best methods to use when thanking someone:

  1. Hand-written note, hand delivered or posted.
  2. Thank you Notelet, Hand written
  3. Video Message.
  4. eMail to their own (not business) account
  5. Via public social Media

It is always good to mention the gift they gave and if possible never thank them in the 1st sentence of the letter. e.g. Dear Dave, What a lovely calendar you gave us this Christmas. Thank you.


Technical Anniversaries

We’re often asked what is the name or symbol of an anniversary of an event which do tend to vary depending upon the actual event e.g. if we were asked what is the 50th Anniversary we would say ‘Golden’ this is because we specialise in Wedding Anniversaries and 50 years is a Golden Wedding.

If you want a full list of Wedding Anniversaries then try our Wedding Anniversary Traditional List as a starting point.

This however is not always the case as often the events also have other names which this post should hopefully clarify! The technical terms are more often than not derived from the Latin terms for the period.

Anniversary Technical Term to use Other Terms Used
Every Month Monthly Technically these are not anniversaries as less than a year has passed
Every 3 months Quarterly
Twice Yearly (every 6 months) Bi-annual
1 year Annual
2 years Biennial
3 years Triennial
4 years Quadrennial
5 years Quinquennial
6 years Sexennial
7 years Septennial
8 years Octennial
9 years Novennial
10 years Decennial
11 years Undecennial
12 years Duodecennial
13 years Tredecennial
14 years Quattuordecennial
15 years Quindecennial
20 years Vigintennial
25 years Silver Jubilee*
50 years Quinquagenary Golden Jubilee*
60 years Sexagennial Diamond Jubilee*
70 years Septuagennial
75 years Dequascentennial Diamond Jubilee Latin contraction of
de-quadrans which means “a whole unit less a
quarter” (de means
“from”; quadrans
means “quarter”. 75 years is a quarter century less than a whole century
or 75 = (-25 + 100)
100 years Centenary
150 years Sesquicentennial Term broken
down as sesqui- (one and a half) centennial (100 years)
175 years Dequasbicentennial Dodrabicentennial Alternative
Latin form
200 years Bicentennial
250 years Sestercentennial To express 2½
in Latin it would be expressed as “half-three”. The term relates to
being halfway [from the second] to the third integer. In Latin this is
“Sestertius” which is a contraction of semis
(halfway) tertius
(third) – hence Sestercentennial.
300 years Tercentennial Tricentennial
400 years Quadricentennial Quatercentenary
500 years Quincentennial
600 years Sexcentennial
700 years Septcentennial
800 years Octocentennial
900 years Nonacentennial
1000 years Millennial
2000 years Bimillennial

*A ‘Jubilee’ in the western world is a term derived from the Bible and although historically had a different meaning it is used in this context to define a period of years indicated by the preceding word e.g. Silver Jubilee = 25 years, Golden Jubilee = 50 years and Diamond Jubilee = 60 years

Further Info:

Anniversary Names – Wikipedia

Latin to English – Enter the time period to find a translation in Latin

Time Tested Wedding Gifts

Someone tweeted a friend the other day to say they still had their gift after twenty years of marriage, this got us thinking especially for those celebrating double digit anniversaries:

What Wedding Gift do you still use regularly?

Now I’ve been married 25 years this year(2012) and we still use the Food Processor we got from my work friends for our wedding! Now that’s not bad; we don’t use it every week but it does see regular use and it really isn’t pretty anymore but this, we feel, has passed the test of time!
our food processor 25 years on
I’ve just been reminded that we also still have a Carriage Clock sitting on our mantel which has kept good time since we got married the only problem with this item now is we have to sit closer to it to see the time!

These plus two other items make up the complete items we’ve still got along with a many bits of sets of cutlery and dinner sets. Given no disasters (thankfully) have affected our gifts there is little left.

We would love to know what’s your cherished gift that has stood the test of time?

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When is a Wedding Anniversary not an Anniversary?

The earliest known references to celebrations for wedding anniversaries which have symbols associated within them we have found to date are to the Silver Wedding (25 years of marriage) and Golden Wedding (50th Wedding Anniversary).

Originating in the middle of Europe (Germany/Austrian Region) they involved the husband giving his wife a silver garland when they had been married for 25 years and a Gold garland when they had been married for 50 years.

One of the noteworthy things from the above is that the celebrations were termed the Silver Wedding and Golden Wedding with no reference to anniversary hence when celebrating any wedding anniversary that has a symbol associated with, it is appropriate to just call it by the material then wedding e.g. Silver Wedding for the 25th or Paper Wedding for the 1st Anniversary.

Thus, when people refer to the Golden Wedding Anniversary they are technically talking about a subsequent year after the event e.g. the anniversary of the Golden Wedding!

Precious Gemstones – Anniversary Guide

There are two main types of gemstones, Precious and semi-precious. A gemstone is considered precious if it is rare or difficult to obtain, these particular stones often attract a high commercial price. A Semi-precious gemstone is classified as such by being more widely available that precious stones.

The most sought after precious stones are currently Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald. However, more traditionally stones such as Opal, Pearl (although not strictly a gemstone) and Amethyst was once considered to be precious and extremely rare. Amethyst was considered to be extremely rare and precious going as far back as ancient Greece. However, During the 19th Century, large deposits of the stone were found in South America and has since been reclassified as semi-precious.

Today, we are going to tell you what anniversary a precious gemstone is associated with.


Diamond is the traditional gemstone for the 60th, 70th and 75th Wedding Anniversaries.

Diamond is the most precious of stones, the stone demands a premium prices and has even sparked wars due to its rarity making many retailers not accept what is now known as Blood Diamonds .

Diamond is a favoured stone for engagements or eternity rings, most likely as it represents “virtue” however its first meaning was “courage” which came from the Greek word “adamas” which translates to ‘invincible’.


Ruby is the traditional gemstone for the 40th Wedding Anniversary.

Rubies are deep red in colour and are found in deposits worldwide. Rubies demand a premium depending on the overall look of the stone, A deep red called pigeon blood red, transparent and a superior cut are the rarest and therefore extremely valuable. The stones carat (weight) also determines its worth.

Ruby is one of the best known precious gemstones, it also comes with a wealth of claims including making all obstacles in the path of happiness to melt away, it repairs broken friendships and can help improve memory!


Sapphire is the traditional gemstone for the 5th, 23rd, 45th and 65th Wedding Anniversaries

Sapphires can vary in colour such as pink and yellow, however the most popular and one of the rarest is the Blue Sapphire. Sapphires and known to be extremely durable and hard and are therefore sometime used in commercials items such as scientific equipment and components in wrist watches.

Although Sapphire is the gemstone for the 65th wedding Anniversary, it is traditionally known as Star Sapphire. A gemstone is considered a “star” when it has star-like properties within the stone, this is known as asterism. It is recognised by having a star shaped pattern when viewed with a light source.

Sapphire gemstones have long been believed to stand for devotion which as it puts in an appearance for the 65th wedding anniversary is rather apt.


Emerald is the traditional gemstone for the 20th,35th and 55th Wedding Anniversaries

Emerald is a rich green in colour and like other precious gemstones is considered more valuable if it is a dark green with a transparent finish. Other lower quality stones will often be dark green but are completely opaque.

Emerald was once a favourite gift between lovers, as it was believed to lose its colour should either the giver or receiver become unfaithful. It is claimed to help with those who have weak sight and it used to be believed that if a serpent looked at an emerald it would become blind.


Wedding Anniversaries and the Celebs!

So, your anniversary is coming up, you want to do something nice, maybe throw a small party, go out for a romantic meal and if you’re feeling really recession-proof, perhaps go on a long romantic weekend away. Either way the chances are you’re not doing what you’re favourite celebrity couple are doing. So let’s tell you what they get up too when that time of year rolls around.

Renewing vows

Many celebrities decide to renew their wedding vows perhaps more regularly that the normal human being would. In fact, Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon married 3 years and Heidi Klum and Seal married 6 years renewed their vows in 2011.

Renewing vows is a great idea to show continued commitment to one another on your anniversary, perhaps with friends and family gathering in a big gazebo at the end of your garden. However, Heidi Klum and Seal did it slightly differently, they used Donald Trump’s Palm Beach Florida estate, the theme was a masked ball and they waited until sunset to renew their vows. So far, they’ve renewed their vows every year since their wedding! We wait to see where they will renew them next year.

Expensive Gifts

Dependant on the balance on your bank account, you may choose to buy your other half an expensive gift for your anniversary, you know, perhaps some silver or gold jewellery for her or that new TV he’s been hinting at. But we don’t expect you to go all out like these celebrities. Nick Cannon, on his second wedding anniversary to Mariah Carey thoughtfully gave her a diamond encrusted pop ring complete with her name and wedding date on the top.

It’s not all Money

Victoria and David Beckham celebrated their 12th wedding anniversary with a simple trip to the beach. Well, if simple means having a constant army of paparazzi behind you. They decided to have a quiet day on a beach in Los Angeles with their kids.

Singer Beyoncé Knowles and rapper Jay-Z celebrated their first wedding anniversary by being as low-key as possible. They dressed is casual clothing and visited New York’s Pastis Restaurant. You’re probably thinking that this restaurant must be upper-class and very expensive, well no actually, It’s a standard American family restaurant.

How not to celebrate….

Katie Price, everybody’s favourite ex-glamour model filed for divorce from Alex Reid on her 1st Wedding Anniversary. We suggest that our readers should avoid doing this as a way of celebrating!!

Benefits of Marriage

Running a wedding anniversary site we often discuss things that are related to anniversary, this week we got into a discussion about what are the tangible benefits of marriage? By these we mean beyond the social, religious and relationship ones.

We came to the conclusion that there are certainly less benefits that there used to be, one of the most lucrative you used to be able to get was a tax allowance if you was married which has since be removed. (Although still exists if one partner was born before 6th April 1935)

So far we have the following:

Many Legal ones:

  • Inheritance; your estate automatically goes to the surviving spouse should the worst happen.
  • Cheaper Insurance; Spouse policies are often cheaper than named drivers.
  • Loans are easier to get as there is a natural (legal) relationship between spouses.
  • Should serious medical conditions befall one of you the other spouse can easily direct the doctors on what your wishes are.
  • Any children born in wedlock automatically assume the family name.
  • Children inherit estates easier when their parents were married after they have both passed.
  • Pensions are easier to share.


  • Again Inheritance your estate can avoid capital gains tax when the spouse inherits your estate.
  • Capital gains tax; Transfers of chargeable assets between spouses do not give rise to a charge to capital gains tax. Because chargeable gains are taxed as the top-slice of income, transfers between spouses can provide tax-planning opportunities where one spouse has a lower liability to income tax.

Other Benefits

  • Wearing a wedding ring can help you to stop getting hit upon when out.
  • Health Insurance is often extended to partners automatically.
  • Work Benefits are automatically extended to the spouse (e.g. Staff discounts, Free Travel etc)

There are probably lots more, if you can think of any more tangible benefits we would love to hear them.