Celebrating 50 years of marriage with Music

CDcard, top music from 1964Many parties are thrown to celebrate a Golden Wedding Anniversary whether they are formal, informal or just slung together we can help with the right music to celebrate 50 years of marriage.

Get our CD gift card for 1964 which has a CD  inside with a multitude of top hits from the year they were married with many love songs that will bring the memories of yester-year flooding back.

The complete playlist is as follows with a brief synopsis as well to help you.

    • 1. Roy Orbison – Oh, Pretty Woman. Reached No. 1 in the official charts on 8th October 1964 spending 15 weeks in the top 40 during the year.

  • 2. Simon & Garfunkel – The Sound Of Silence. Penned originally in 1964 by Simon & Garfunkel this eternal classic is covered by many artists, this is the original author’s version.
  • 3. Elvis Presley – Viva Las Vegas. This could be classed as a bit of an anthem nowadays however it is hard to believe that when first released in 1964 it only made it to number 17 in the UK top 40 and 29 in the Billboard top forty!
  • 4. Tony Bennett – Nobody Else But Me. Originally released on his album When Lights are Low recorded and released in 1964.
  • 5. Doris Day – Move Over Darling. From the film with the same name which was release in the UK on 24th February 1964. This reached No. 8 in the top forty on 30th April 1964, spending 14 weeks in the charts.
  • 6. Duane Eddy – Rebel Rouser. This is a classic tune popular now as a line dance tune.
  • 7. Pete Seeger – The Bells Of Rhymney. Recorded live in 1964 an absolute classic folk tune.
  • 8. Bobby Vinton – When I Fall In Love. A re-recording of the classic Nat ‘king’ Cole hit from 1957, it sums up the genre of love songs from the time.
  • 9. Jim Reeves – I Love You Because. This song reached No. 5 in the official charts on 2nd April 1964 spending 37 weeks in the top 40 in total this year, although a beautiful song it is also marked with sadness as Jim Reeves sadly died this year (31st July 1964) in a plane crash.
  • 10. Aretha Franklin – But Beautiful. It’s Aretha in great form, as ever,with a wonderful soulful love song.
  • 11. Mongo Santamaria – El Pussycat. With riffs from Sesame Street, Who’s the mad cat lady now then eh!
  • 12. Vic Damone – The Second Time Around. Howmanytimes do you fall in love with your partner in 50 years, more than twice I bet.
  • 13. Percy Faith – Blue On Blue. Lovely Orchestral piece ideal for a bit of ballroom dancing.
  • 14. Maureen Evans – I Love How You Love Me. A great love song this hit the top forty on 27th February 1964 spending 11 weeks on the charts.
  • 15. Roy Orbison – Pretty Paper. Entering the charts on 19th November 1964 this reached number six spending a total of 11 weeks in the top forty.
  • 16. Major Lance – Um Um Um Um Um Um. This reached number five on 26th November 1964 spending a total of 13 weeks in the top forty.
  • 17. Henry Mancini – How Soon. This reached number ten on 22nd October 1964 spending a total of 12 weeks in the top forty.
  • 18. Andy Williams – A Fool Never Learns. A lovely song however this only reached number forty on 20th February 1964 spending 4 weeks in that position.Track list of the 1964 CD incorperated within the card
  • 19. Dave Brubeck – Upstage Rumba. Get your dancing shows on missus it’s time for a rumba.
  • 20. Lorne Greene – Ringo. Entering the charts on 17th December 1964 this reached number twenty-two spending a total of 8 weeks in the top forty.

You could complement this with the number one for the week they got married (check what song here http://www.officialcharts.com/archive-chart/_/1/1964/) or if you want a longer playlist then how about a montage of number ones from their anniversary for every year since they wed.

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2nd Anniversary Gifts

Second Wedding Anniversary GiftsIt is two years since your wedding (doesn’t time fly) and your second wedding anniversary is fast approaching; here’s the facts on what the material or symbol is appropriate for 2nd anniversary gifts:

Cotton is the traditional 2nd anniversary gifts theme

A Traditional Anniversary gift should be themed around Cotton or Straw or for a more contemporary gift idea the modern list shows China as the appropriate theme.

Rose Quartz is the second anniversary gemstone themeYou could also look to the Gemstone Anniversary list which suggests Rose Quartz (although some variance is possible with Garnet also quoted) and if this is still not your ideal theme the appropriate flowers are Cosmos, of which there are many varieties.Comos are the appropriate flowers for the 2nd wedding anniversary

For 2nd anniversary gifts, Cotton themed presents are relatively easy to find with Handkerchief gifts sets or personalised Mr and Mrs Robes/ Towels a great choice. If your looking for a getaway break why not theme it to match the second anniversary. Something like a trip to the cotton fields in America or with straw you could look to have a picnic in a hayloft or simply arrange a hoe-down party with authentic straw bales.

We see a lot of Rose Quartz items purchased for the 2nd Anniversary both Necklace/Pendant sets and a lovely double Rose Quartz heart which is great for the 2nd year anniversary

We’ve got many more 2nd anniversary gift ideas on our main web site styled not only on the traditional material and the other lists that have been published but the ideas are drawn from lots of popular gift sites.

Themes for 2nd Anniversary Gifts recap

  • Traditional Anniversary Gifts: Cotton or Straw themed
  • Modern Anniversary Gifts: China themed
  • Gemstone Anniversary Gifts: Rose Quartz themed
  • Flower Anniversary Gifts: Comos themed


Guest Post from Tree2mydoor

There is always something so magical about the Golden Wedding, it must have something to do with all those loving years together. The Golden Wedding or 50th Anniversary is like a shining beacon in the long tradition of anniversaries which, if reached does show just how beautiful the power of marriage can be. Not every marriage reaches this milestone, and we are here to help you celebrate every blissful second.

Golden Wedding Anniversaries are celebrated the world over and the gifts become more and more special with each and every year. At Tree2mydoor we pride ourselves on providing the perfect gift for the moment, making this Golden Wedding one to remember and cherish forever.

The history of the Golden Wedding is detailed and extensive, it is written in some of the earliest historical texts that men would gift their wives with Golden Wreaths or Necklaces to mark this wonderful occasion. In recent years gifts that are slightly less traditional are the norm, for instance we have seen the rise of Gold being given, as well as Roses.

We will be showing you just how amazing some of our Golden Wedding Gifts can be and how they can provide a lasting and loving gift to remember the happy times for year to come.

The Golden Wedding Rose

Golden Rose Bush gift for Golden AnniversaryThe perfect Rose Gift to send on the Golden Wedding Anniversary. The Golden Wedding Rose is a Hybrid Tea Rose that has a delicate scent, the perfect understated gift that will give back year after year. The beautiful Yellow Roses will bloom mid spring bringing to life this gorgeous gift. Just because a 50th Wedding Anniversary has past does not mean we can celebrate every year. The Golden Wedding Rose will do just this, perfect, personal and different. We are that passionate about our gifts each rose of beautiful gift wrapped in colours that mirror the occasion.

The Golden Wedding Camellia.

golden anniversary camellia giftNow, Golden Wedding Roses will look stunning in the Spring and Summer but if you’re trying to celebrate a Winter Wedding then look no further. The Golden Anniversary Camellia Gift is shimmering delight, with deep emerald foliage that provides a stunning backdrop to those beautiful Golden Wedding Flowers. Did you know the Camellia is a relation of the Rose? You can now send a Golden Wedding Flower all year round to bring some yellow prettiness to the occasion.

Golden Delicious Apple Tree

Golden Delicious Apples on  TreeThe Golden Delicious Apple Tree Gift is a Golden Wedding delight. This beautiful apple tree will be a lasting statement for all those long and happy years shared. A Golden Wedding is a shining light in all marriages that everyone looks forward to achieving, planting a Golden Delicious Apple Tree Gift will make the occasion so much more special. This loving gift will provide lots of golden fruit and will look stunning either planted out in the garden or kept inside a pot. What more could you ask for in a Golden Wedding Gift?

Castlewellan Gold Tree Gift

castlewellan gold tree gift for golden weddingTrying to think outside the box when buying a gift for a Golden Wedding Anniversary? The Castlewellan Gold Tree Gift is the perfect choice, the gorgeous gold foliage will really bring a statement to the occasion. The Beautiful Castlewellan Gold Tree really will stand the test of time so you can celebrate a golden wedding year after year.

As you can see we have a beautiful selection of gifts available to celebrate a Golden Wedding in style. Regardless of how you want to celebrate this momentous event, we have a gift that would be perfect for you. Nothing says Golden Wedding like a Golden Gift!

Not Celebrating a Golden Wedding Anniversary?

If you’re not celebrating a golden wedding anniversary don’t worry, here at Tree2mydoor we have an amazing selection of gifts for all occasions. You can find many garden related gifts for Silver Anniversary, Pearl Anniversary, Ruby Anniversary or even Diamond.

We also have every anniversary in between, what’s not to love about sending a gift that is forever lasting yet so beautiful at the same time!

So there you have it, our very best gifts for that very special  occasion.  Remember Tree2mydoor is always here if you need any advice or gift ideas.

Lots of Love,



80th Birthday gifts idea; The Time of your Life DVD -1934

80th Anniversary or Birthday gifts ; DVD and Greeting Card in one; The Time of your Life -1934Our DVD and Greeting Card combination make great gifts and are ever popular. We had some spare time so decided to take a look at the 1934 DVD on which this year is ideal as an 80th Birthday gift.

This is a very UK-centric DVD with current events from Pathe News reels used in the cinemas at the time to impart news to everyone within the British Empire.

Scene from the DVD of The Derby 1934Watching it now is fascinating and enthralling; being able to see not only what was happening but also the fashions and mannerisms of the people being filmed along with the scenery of times gone by, The Derby crowds was amazing showing all the old open top buses lined up along the race track.

1934 Queensway Tunnel opened by the King1934 Queensway Tunnel opening ceremony in LiverpoolThe DVD covers the entire year and many of the most noteworthy news stories such as the launching of the Queen Mary, opening of Queensway tunnel in Liverpool and the G.P.O. streamlining their Empire Mail services plus regular sporting events such as The Derby, Wimbledon (Fred Perry winning,) Open Golf and the British Empire Games (now Commonwealth Games.) The DVD runs for about an hour with sections on British and World news plus sport.

1934 G.P.O. Empire Mail Van delivering mail to aeroplane
1934 G.P.O. Empire Mail Van delivering mail to aeroplane (still image from DVD.)

The The Time of your Life DVD -1934 is available from our store, if we’re out of stock drop us an email and we’re let you know when we get fresh stock.


Although not a complete list the following are some of the snippets the DVD covers:

  • Political Party in power during the year.
  • Exporting Cattle to Australia.
  • Launch of Queen Mary
  • New Homes in London for the masses with Swimming pool
  • King visits Dagenham Motor Works
  • Crystal Palace and Foden Motor Works Brass Band
  • Cooper’s apprentice rite of passage
  • Lord & Lady Baden Powell (Scouts movement)leave on international voyage.
  • GPO Streamlining Empire mail service.
  • Fred Perry winning Wimbledon
  • Oxford – Cambridge Boat Race
  • 1st FIFA European Championships, classic twist
  • Monte Carlo Grand Prix
  • Americas Cup – launch of the Endeavour.
  • The Derby
  • Royal Ascot plus fashions as Ascot
  • Cricket England beat Australia in 2nd Test
  • The Open Golf win for English player.
  • Henley Boating Regatta.
  • Davis Cup win by F J Perry
  • British Empire Games
  • London to Brighton Run for historic vehicles (40 year old cars then e.g. circa 1890)
  • Petrol Riots in Paris
  • France Genral Strike
  • Umbrella Plane
  • Sky Pullman in America (sleeper plane)
  • Dictators Meet – Mussolini & Hitler

The item is a unique bi-fold DVD greeting card covered with images and memories celebrating and commemorating the year of 1934 by recounting the events that happened in the year. The greeting card includes a DVD about 1934 with an approximate run time of 1 hour. The footage is sure to bring the memories flooding back for the lucky recipients. The greeting card also has images and facts about the year 1934 printed on the front and inside the cover of the card plus a blank page for you to add your own special message.



How to get Ideas for Ruby Wedding Gifts

Great gift ideas often come from sudden inspiration, from deeds, or actions that provoke a memory in whoever is looking for a gift. When this inspiration meets the recipients thoughts or aspirations truly great gifts are given.

There you go that’s all you need!

Gorgous Ruby Necklace
Get inspiration for the perfect anniversary gift

Seriously things that may help you select the perfect gift for a couple celebrating such a big milestone as the Ruby Wedding.

  • A gift reminiscent of the year they married, original newspapers are popular as are music from the year or videos recalling events of the year.
  • A gift celebrating the events of the last 40 years such as a photo album full of memories
  • A gift commemorating the milestone occurring this year. Things like limited edition souvenirs commemorating this year, the Royal Mint are often a good source for these ideas.
  • A gift comparing then to now, most popular of these are photo frames that enable two photos of the couple showing then and now.
  • If you’re buying for your spouse then jewellery is a good bet especially as it’s Ruby.
  • If you’re planning a holiday as your celebration try to find somewhere you both like related to Ruby, this gives a great talking point of why you went there.

We’ve got lots of ideas for Ruby Wedding gifts on our main Ruby Wedding page


Thinking of a Holiday for your Anniversary?

If you are thinking of booking a holiday to celebrate your wedding anniversary then you should check the Groupon Getaway page first to check if there is an absolute bargain to be had.
Lots of well known companies post so great deals can be had on the web site, check down the right hand side of the page if the main deal of the day does not grab you.
Whilst a lot of these deals are short breaks there are many more resources available on the internet if you are thinking of planning a more substantial break or even a 2nd Honeymoon.

Where do you start? Well, obviously, it should be something you both will enjoy, if you are booking it as a surprise for you partner then the holiday should be something they will enjoy.


Thanking People for Gifts

There is a certain etiquette that has been established over time for thanking people who have given you a gift for your Anniversary or indeed any celebration.

The degree you go to will also vary depending upon your family and friends and if there are any developed conventions within your group.

Generally you should thank people if they have given you a gift, it is considered good manners to do so, who you thank them will again depend upon your social circle and the expectations they place upon you.

Below we’ve listed the best methods to use when thanking someone:

  1. Hand-written note, hand delivered or posted.
  2. Thank you Notelet, Hand written
  3. Video Message.
  4. eMail to their own (not business) account
  5. Via public social Media

It is always good to mention the gift they gave and if possible never thank them in the 1st sentence of the letter. e.g. Dear Dave, What a lovely calendar you gave us this Christmas. Thank you.


What age do women first get married?

Simply question; What age do women first get married? A fairly complex answer, fortunately Hans Rosling and the gapminder team have processed the statistics and the answer is here, just press the play button towards the bottom to see the average age over time change for the world with China, India and United Kingdom trials shown.

Globally the average age has increased over the past 100 years although in the UK the average dropped in the sixties and seventies before it started to rise dramatically. Remember this just counts first marriages thus excludes second and other remarriages.

Wedding Anniversaries and the Celebs!

So, your anniversary is coming up, you want to do something nice, maybe throw a small party, go out for a romantic meal and if you’re feeling really recession-proof, perhaps go on a long romantic weekend away. Either way the chances are you’re not doing what you’re favourite celebrity couple are doing. So let’s tell you what they get up too when that time of year rolls around.

Renewing vows

Many celebrities decide to renew their wedding vows perhaps more regularly that the normal human being would. In fact, Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon married 3 years and Heidi Klum and Seal married 6 years renewed their vows in 2011.

Renewing vows is a great idea to show continued commitment to one another on your anniversary, perhaps with friends and family gathering in a big gazebo at the end of your garden. However, Heidi Klum and Seal did it slightly differently, they used Donald Trump’s Palm Beach Florida estate, the theme was a masked ball and they waited until sunset to renew their vows. So far, they’ve renewed their vows every year since their wedding! We wait to see where they will renew them next year.

Expensive Gifts

Dependant on the balance on your bank account, you may choose to buy your other half an expensive gift for your anniversary, you know, perhaps some silver or gold jewellery for her or that new TV he’s been hinting at. But we don’t expect you to go all out like these celebrities. Nick Cannon, on his second wedding anniversary to Mariah Carey thoughtfully gave her a diamond encrusted pop ring complete with her name and wedding date on the top.

It’s not all Money

Victoria and David Beckham celebrated their 12th wedding anniversary with a simple trip to the beach. Well, if simple means having a constant army of paparazzi behind you. They decided to have a quiet day on a beach in Los Angeles with their kids.

Singer Beyonce Knowles and rapper Jay-Z celebrated their first wedding anniversary by being as low-key as possible. They dressed is casual clothing and visited New York’s Pastis Restaurant. You’re probably thinking that this restaurant must be upper-class and very expensive, well no actually, It’s a standard American family restaurant.

How not to celebrate¦.

Katie Price, everybody’s favourite ex-glamour model filed for divorce from Alex Reid on her 1st Wedding Anniversary. We suggest that our readers should avoid doing this as a way of celebrating 😉