Time Tested Wedding Gifts

Someone tweeted a friend the other day to say they still had their gift after twenty years of marriage, this got us thinking especially for those celebrating double digit anniversaries:

What Wedding Gift do you still use regularly?

Now I’ve been married 25 years this year(2012) and we still use the Food Processor we got from my work friends for our wedding! Now that’s not bad; we don’t use it every week but it does see regular use and it really isn’t pretty anymore but this, we feel, has passed the test of time!
our food processor 25 years on
I’ve just been reminded that we also still have a Carriage Clock sitting on our mantel which has kept good time since we got married the only problem with this item now is we have to sit closer to it to see the time!

These plus two other items make up the complete items we’ve still got along with a many bits of sets of cutlery and dinner sets. Given no disasters (thankfully) have affected our gifts there is little left.

We would love to know what’s your cherished gift that has stood the test of time?